Co-Stylist Program & Career Opportunities at Salon Two One Zero

Stylist Careers at Salon Two One Zero

At our core, we truly believe that education is the most valuable asset for all stylists. It is the foundation that allows us to grow and develop our skills, enabling us to provide the best possible service to our clients. By staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques, we can ensure that we are always providing the highest quality of service to our clients. We are committed to providing ongoing education and training opportunities for all of our stylists, so that they can continue to learn and grow throughout their careers. 

Who we are at our core.

  • On-going Education 
  • Working one-on-one with Top Level Stylists 
  • Supportive atmosphere 
  • Personalized daily coaching & mentorship
  • 401K & Insurance benefits 
  • Working beside an inspiring team
  • Endless goals & opportunities 
  • Opportunity to travel for World-wide education 
  • A level system that gives you a clear path to unlimited earning potential 
  • Learning essential time-management skills 
  • Social media support 


salon two one zero Co-Stylist Program Benefits

Shadowing Opportunities

frequently asked questions-


We love a good shadow day at the salon! Expect to spend three hours with our senior stylists and their current co-stylists. You will observe our luxury techniques and guest experience, as well as our fun and inspiring work environment. We hold ourselves to a luxury standard and expect all of our shadowers to do the same . We Ask that you please come in fully prepared in professional attire and bring a positive attitude. The only other requirement is that you have fun hanging out and getting to know our team. We cannot wait to have you in our space!

Who should i contact to schedule and shadow day? 

Thank you so much for you interest in becoming a 210 co-stylist! To set up a shadow day please reach out over text message to one of our owners, Andrea Hastings (314-604-6606) or one of our senior stylists, Blake Davidson ( 636-357-7360) and they would love to get you on our schedule and answer any questions you may have prior to your shadow day. We look forward to chatting with you! 

Should i come shadow while i am still in Cosmetology school? 

You should absolutely come in and shadow while you are a student! We hire and plan for future co-stylists in advance. The sooner you start shadowing the better!

How long is your co-stylist program? 

Our co-stylist program is customized per stylist. Setting up our stylists for their dream career is our number one priority! On average our program is 12 months. However, our co-stylists will receive their first opportunity shift 6 weeks into their program and will continue to gradually go out fully on the floor throughout our year long program. 

what makes salon 210's education program unique? 

We are so proud of our current education program. one of our biggest passions is growing and educating future stylists. Our program consists of classes every monday morning covering the latest trends and techniques taught by one of our senior stylists, as well as one on one training with your mentor. We take pride in our program and mentorship, which leads to the most confident and educated stylists you ever dreamed you could be. 

are you currently hiring co-stylists?

We are always looking for incredible stylists to join ouir team, but we do hire and plan for future co-stylists in advance. Please keep in mind we may not have availability right after your graduation date, because of this we highly recommend shadowing as soon as possible! 

What traits are you looking for in a co-stylist?

When hiring future 210 stylists, we look for someone who is passionate, goal oriented, positive and coachable. Our culture in the salon is one of our number one priorities and because of this we only hire future stylists who will uplift our culture in a positive way. 

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